Progress Update 02/03/2024

We’ve had a fair share of UI changes this week such as visually displaying species viewed in the generation report tab in the editor, as well as a few bugs squashed thanks to some helpful reports that brought them to our attention.

Between the changes we have pushed into the next release, our talented developers have been working away at their own various prototypes and pet projects for Thrive, such as a sprinting mechanic prototype and some work on the player camera in later stages.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Hovering over a species name in the editor report now shows an image of the species in a tooltip
    • Added multithreaded running of ECS systems. This is an initial implementation and only improves some of the benchmark numbers while lowering the score at the start of the benchmark very slightly
    • Added a button to open an organelle’s Thriveopedia page when hovering over the organelle
    • Previous gathered energy is now shown in the prediction tooltip for comparing to see how much the increase/decrease is
    • The initial tutorial message is now customized based on the life origin selected in the new game options
    • Fixed engulfing used storage not taking things currently being pulled in into account leading to overuse of storage and ejection
    • Fixed some bugs left in the organelle unlock system
    • Improved the CPU feature detection in earlier builds, it should now fully work thanks to a separate small library which is loaded first and only after confirming things are good loading the main native code of Thrive
    • Added some more models to the list in the gallery
    • Fixed ejecting from dead engulfer safety code not fully working and continuously printing an error about it
    • Updated translations
  • One of our developers is working on a rudimentary rotation system for the later stages, with some humorous results.



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