Progress Update 04/09/2022

This week our team exploded in activity as new and old developers alike were invigorated by recent developments, which resulted in a great amount of progress made. The fruits of our labor will officially release on the 16th, but you may also experience these newest changes now by downloading our newly available release candidate build.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Various fixes to the early multicellular prototype, cell layouts now show up right
    • Patch names are now procedurally generated. No longer will you always have to explore Pangonia
    • Auto-evo now takes environmental compound availability into account when calculating fitness
    • Balance tweaks
    • Binding mode sound now fades
    • Colony members now affect how fast a colony can move, their mass now has an effect but their flagella will also help the colony move
    • AI will now stop moving if it is out of ATP and wait to recharge based on behavior
    • Saving will now detect if the save name is too long or invalid and give an error instead of silently failing to write the save to disk
    • Charts will no longer show “x” or “y” incorrectly when they weren’t supposed to
    • Colour picker now ensures it has the final colour that was under the cursor when selected
    • Brought back the accidentally deleted win screen background
    • Updated translations, including 3 new languages: Georgian, Arabic and Greek
  • The multicellular prototype has seen some improvement with cell placement handling, see for yourself!
An urchin-like creature developed by Hhyyrylainen to showcase the improved stability of multicellular organisms
A somewhat similar organism developed by Kasterisk that vaguely resembles a water bear.


  • Roseae and Nunz worked together to bring us many new and exciting models for our new organelles.
A signaling agent model sculpted by Roseae and textured by Nunz.
A new model for the chemoreceptor created by Roseae, and also textured by Nunz.
An alternative rendition of the chemoreceptor created by Nunz, using the prior model as a base.
A new sharper model for the pilus sculpted by Roseae.
A WIP model and animation for cilia.



  • New sounds and music by Twitchywhalez and Vyethriel.
A new WIP theme composed by Vyethriel.
A sound made by Twitchywhalez to represent damage sustained from starvation.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


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