Progress Update 04/15/2023

This week we’ve begun discussing quite a few things behind the scenes; Optimization of the particle system for our new 3D backgrounds, musings on where to start with the 3D editor, improving the statistics panel to be more informative and context sensitives, and much more.

Despite that, we unfortunately don’t have much that we can visually represent this week.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added entirely new 3D scenes to be backgrounds for the main menu, some of these are a bit performance intensive and can be disabled in the options
    • Separation between divided cells and colonies is now much better
    • The day/night cycle light level in the editor now defaults to current value to match the gameplay time of day
    • Light levels now smoothly change in the editor when switching the time of day
    • Organelle upgrade GUI now shows adjusted MP costs correctly, instead of just always showing the absolute costs
    • Added a proper icon for the cilia pull upgrade to replace the placeholder one
    • Iron is now shown in the patch compounds graphs
    • Reworked our custom popup window handling, organelle popup menu now has animations for opening and closing
    • Fixed engulfed tutorial appearing even when the player could not be ingested
    • Preview cells in the editor now don’t create collision shapes which makes game performance better in the editor
    • More elements in the Thriveopedia now react to language change
    • Added a safety check against an unimplemented feature in our save data loader
    • Updated our code checking tools version
    • Updated translations
  • Discussion on present roadblocks in the way of 3D membrane generation has begun.


  • The process icon is currently receiving a revamp!
  • The vortex cilia upgrade now has a proper icon.


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