Progress Update 04/08/2023

This week we’ve had quite a substantial amount of discussion about the graphics side of Thrive. Topics such as terrain generation, convolution surfaces, creature textures, and more have passed by in a storm of excitement.

In addition, our prototypes continue to expand, now with a functional society stage with resource gathering, building, and citizen simulation!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added finished graphics and icons for the axon and myofibril to replace the placeholders they had
    • More work on the society stage prototype: buildings can be placed, they generate resources, there’s some creatures moving around to look busy, and added camera moving
    • Tweaked the visuals of button focus highlights, along with a few other element types
    • Warning on editor confirm is now also shown for disconnected hexes
    • Improved the features of our GUI focus grab system
    • Updated translations
  • Experimental work has begun on world and terrain generation for later stages.
  • Society prototype now features rudimentary gameplay


  • 3D animated backgrounds are now being developed for the game start menu.
  • Graphics Programmer, Nunz, has pronounced Womp as a perfect representation of how creature editing may look once convolution surfaces are implemented in the game. This is because Womp itself uses convolution surfaces to allow users to sculpt!


  • Nothing Substantial


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