Progress Update 05/13/2023

Development continues at a steady pace this week with several visual fixes and, at long last, the ability to delete fossilized organisms in-game. Outside of programming, there’s been lots of revived discussion on the topic of progression and game balance!

If there is still anything you would like to say about our latest release, please do so in our feedback thread. Let us know what you think!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Industrial stage prototype is now complete with unit building and launching a rocket to space. The switch to space scene is not done yet.
    • Added a new feature to the museum screen to delete fossils
    • Fossil saving failure will now show an error popup
    • Added a system for window panels to reorder this makes draggable windows go on top of other such windows when they are moved around or opened
    • Fixed a settings save bug that was present in previous build for the screen effects
    • Fixed the Thrive logo being blurry in the main menu and the credits
    • Fixed current patch biodiversity fill always checking potential species to split from in a specified order (the order is now random)
    • Cleaned up some remaining references to ruby in the repo
    • Updated translations


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