Progress Update 05/06/2023

We have been seeing a lot of fantastic creations and civilizations sprouting up in the community, and we are very glad that everyone has been enjoying 0.6.2! This is no time to rest however, as development now resumes a steady march towards Thrive 0.6.3. There is a good amount of discussion already, as everyone stakes out their next objectives.

If there is anything you would like to say about our latest release, please do so in our feedback thread. Let us know what you think!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added miscellaneous fun screen filter shaders
    • Fixed player accidentally becoming awakened if entering macroscopic while already having placed neurons
    • Updated translations
  • Began discussion of the restructuring of autoevo


  • A new optional screen effect has been implemented for fun.



  • A new exciting sound by Twitchywhalez!



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Please welcome our newest theorist, SomesRose!

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