Progress Update 10/28/2023

We have an exciting new expansion to the Thriveopedia; The organelle pages! This category will avail players with everything they need to know about each individual cell component. Pages will include basic details on the part’s function, guides and strategies on how to make good use of them, and even summaries of their real-life counterparts and how they really work!

The refactor effort is still going strong this week, now with functional updated collision shapes for our microbes. These new collision shapes should be far more consistent than the original as they are now based on the microbe membrane rather than individual placement of organelles.

Entity mass is now due to behave much differently, no longer based on collective mass values of each part, but instead the density of the entire cell. Needless to say, things are going to be very different for the next release of Thrive.

Unfortunately, we’ve hit a bit of a roadblock in the form of difficulties with cross compiling with Windows. Hopefully we can get this working in a timely manner so Windows users can still play the game.

The above image is a slideshow, by the way.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added organelle description wiki pages to the Thriveopedia
    • Updated translations
  • Momentary discussion on ECS with the new refactor.
  • Implemented wiki page importation script that allows developers to import text written on our wiki into the in-game Thriveopedia.


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