Progress Update 11/26/2022

Development continues as we march on to the eventual release of 0.6.0, which grows increasingly exciting with each new change and addition! it may be fortunate news or not, but we have decided to push the release date of 0.6.0 forward by a week to give us more time to finish up some of the heftier features such as the day/night cycle which as been giving us some unexpected trouble. We really hope to have these done by release, but cannot make any promises.

0.6.0 is now slated to release on the 10th of December. So soon!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Membrane colour transparency works again. Be prepared to have AI species evolve to be more transparent again to avoid being eaten by the player.
    • Updated translations


  • Implementation on new chunk types and models have begun. The microbe stage is on it’s way to becoming prettier!
  • Organelle models are receiving a bit of a glow-up to fix the rendering issues that have been plaguing them.
  • Organelles may also cast shadows in the future.



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