Progress Update 12/02/2023

This week we are proud to announce the launch of our public release candidate. A stand-alone build that allows the public to test our latest release… before it’s official release. Note that this is a bit different from our alpha build release, which was far less stable and undeniably broken.

We have just one more week before the official release of 0.6.4 finally makes it out to public. It’s been a long time coming, so keep an eye out for it on the 9th of December.

We are very greatful for the community’s help in seeking out all of the bugs and glitches that arose after the refactoring of Thrive. Thanks to your collective efforts we were better able to narrow down the source of many of the most harrowing bugs that haunted our latest changes. Thank you Thrive Community!


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • New feature: mucilage can be selected for vacuole storage specialization.
    • Reimplemented early multicellular, game should be playable again all the way through the prototypes.
    • Buffed base movement, especially for larger cells, set slightly even higher microbe physics damping.
    • Massively buffed mucilage jet speed.
    • Reimplemented organelle render order to get things to look more like they should, especially when engulfing.
    • Reimplemented pulling cilia so that it no longer crashes the game, it’s just a bit unbalanced.
    • Various colony damage and engulfing fixes.
    • Fixed saving and loading with cell colonies.
    • Fixed pilus damage not working at all.
    • Fixed engulf size not re-applying after cell grew or was edited.
    • Fixed multiple engulfing related bugs (still at least one bug left with indigestible things getting stuck inside).
    • Fixed engulf progress indicator going up to 200% also fixed”devoured” text not appearing.
    • Fixed a crash with certain entity types existing and not having expected materials.
    • Fixed immediate crash when going to the ice shelf patch.
    • Fixed various other bugs and crashes.
    • Added submodule info to packaged source code.
    • Updated translations.


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