Progress Update 8/20/2022

We’ve been getting loads of suggestions and ideas pouring in from everyone this week, and are super excited that our suggestions page has been so well received. As a result, we’ve put extra focus on the development of the day/night cycle and the Thriveopedia. We’ve also made some great progress in squashing various bugs and errors.

We are also excited to announce that we have now cemented our plans into a comprehensive roadmap to the completion of Thrive 1.0. This roadmap is not entirely fixed and we may deviate from it at times, but it shall serve as a rough timeline for the release of each big feature.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Improved the auto-evo exploring tool evolutionary tree by having the timeline always stay at the top, also tweaked zooming, rendering, and performance
    • Created a new system to save customized versions of game configuration objects, used for difficulty and auto-evo configuration. These allow old saves (in the future) to benefit from difficulty tweaks we do to the game
    • Fixed saving of auto-evo configuration (problem present in previous devbuilds)
    • Fixed loading saves with engulfed objects in certain weird states
    • New game options now mentions and links to the performance options
    • Fixed and improved engulfment related text and values in tooltips
    • Fixed warnings regarding GlobalTranslation when loading saves
    • Rigidity slider is no longer ever disabled, bugs were fixed related to its MP use
    • Fixed entity limit constraining compound cloud spawns
    • Fixed a crash when closing the game with a game pausing popup window open
    • Species name entry box now check the length of the input text visually and rejects too long names
    • Fixed clipping not being enabled for the input configuration menu
    • Fixed a few code naming inconsistencies related to dB
    • Tweaked the visibility of compound clouds a bit
    • Improved the height of the difficulty setup GUI
    • Godot automatically added some font definitions to our theme file
    • Small git config change should collapse translation update diffs by default
    • Updated our code checking tool version
    • Updated translations


  • Began discussion and testing of blurring effects to background graphics
  • Created shaders for changing brightness levels in surface biomes


  • Renewed discussion of the Thriveopedia.
  • Reapproached discussion of the day/night cycle and began implementation.
  • Began discussion of revamped combat in the microbe stages.
Concept art for the Thriveopedia.


  • Our sound team has made neutral ambience for different patch depths.
Shallow depths
Medium depths
Deep depths



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Legohoss has returned to the development of Thrive! Give them a big welcome back! Since they have signed our CLA, we can now use their music tracks in Thrive.

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