Progress Update 9/17/2022

Only one week remains before the release of 0.5.10, and so we are now entering a period of feature freeze where no additional features will be developed for the update. Efforts are instead directed to solving any issues that may be discovered through player testing.

The 0.5.10 release candidate is now available to everyone, so if you are interested in providing feedback, please download the candidate and tell us what you think!

An important notice for players locally building Thrive code; When cloning Thrive, you will now need additional materials in order to properly build the game. Please read more here.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • 0.5.10.rc1 equivalent build
    • Made some progress on the macroscopic stage prototype
    • Added new slime jet organelle
    • Initial balance pass for timed reproduction
    • Entity limit is now a weighted so that fewer big cells spawn
    • Potentially fixed a bug that allowed things to spawn over the entity limit
    • Reworked auto-evo predation calculations
    • Added some controller input handling options in preparation for proper controller support
    • There’s now separate button to hide/show the environment panel
    • Save counting should no longer break if there are saves with bad numbers in the names
    • Added a button to open our feature suggestions site
    • The exact commit and time Thrive was built is now shown in options
    • Exact build info is now shown for DevBuilds in the main menu
    • Fixed tutorial starting when entering the game through the auto-evo exploring tool game
    • Removed the useless move to patch button in auto-evo exploring tool
    • Graphs now use a cache for their data points to allow their re-use
    • Graph tooltips are now destroyed properly
    • Converted scripts in our repository from ruby to C#
    • New language: Croatian
    • Updated translations


  • Revised concept art by SteampunkCorgi
  • New compound icon for mucilage by Nick.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • New ambient tracks Twitchywhalez


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial

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