Progress Update: 07/06/19

There is a lot of work and development that goes unseen by most, until it gets added in an update. This causes thrive to seem dead at times as progress moves forward behind the scenes.

We have decided to do a simple progress update to let you know what is being worked on recently.

These updates will come out at the end of each week (or every other week, we haven’t decided yet). They will be brief summaries, and if you have questions or comments join in on one of our social media channels.

(EDIT: Hi, Oliveriver checking in to say these won’t replace the Devblogs as those will now be reserved for more in-depth posts and release announcements. This post has also gone through a number of formatting revisions, so please let us know if this works. We hope this initiative, spearheaded by lavathor, will help keep you all more informed of Thrive’s current state.)


  • Continued work on GUI



  • New ambient sounds for different biomes progress


  • Nothing substantial




Progress Update: 07/06/19 — 3 Comments

  1. a concept for a beginning of a multi-cellar stage would to have the cells join up and then everything else grows or something like that

  2. I know you guys wanna do this completely voluntarily, but unlike other voluntary games like Dwarf Fortress, this isn’t being made in ASCII. This is a full 3D game which will have many wildly ranging stages, which even a AAA developer(Maxis) had to cut back on. I really think you guys should consider trying to find a more permanent team and try to get a Kickstarter or Patreon going. I would gladly buy a copy of the full game on Kickstarter or give a monthly amount each month on Patreon.

    Whether you do decide you wanna go full-time on this, or continue to do this voluntarily; I’ll be waiting here ecstatic to see how progress is going. 🙂 Thank you for all the time you’ve dedicated toward this project.

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