Progress Update 1/25/2020

There has been a lot of work on new features, mainly the patch map which is supposed to be procedurally generated and not just randomly, but according to each planet’s conditions.

Since most progress happened on the programming team and we don’t want the rest of the sections to look empty, this update’s format will be different once again as we talk in detail about the new features.


First off, the patch map is now procedurally generated, we need to make it look like our initial concepts and also to hide the patches the player can’t directly access or hasn’t visited yet. But this patch map already has some neat features: the patch conditions and resources now vary according to your planet’s variables on the planet generator (remember that one?) like temperature and atmosphere composition. Patch generation is even influenced by the sea depth and land percentage.

We also removed a bug that allows the player to eat cells of their same species if they were smaller than them, because cannibalism is just rude.

There’s also progress on the ATP balance bars, which are segmented with each segment representing the ATP cost and production of each organelle.


We have a little progress on the new microbe stage cutscene.


Many areas of our website, like the FAQ and links to the old wiki have been updated. We also have new buttons on the sidebar.