Progress Update 3/19/2022

It’s another week as we continue to march forward in progress, something that might pick up in speed now that some of our programmers are able to find time for Thrive’s development again.

Development continues to be focused on our multicellular prototype, with emphasis on the cell previews in the editor. We’ve also given our tutorials a new coat of paint in hopes of making them more informative and comprehensible.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Tweaked the wording of most of the tutorials
    • Updated to a newer code checking tool version (StyleCop)
    • Updated translations
  • Development of the multicell prototype is currently focused on cell preview image generation for use in the multicellular editor. This is so that the placable cell list will display a preview of the cell itself as an icon instead of a part icon.


  • Our artist, Uniow has made a new beautiful art piece!


  • Changes to cell membrane stats are currently being tested, which should further differentiate each of the membrane types and give them their own niche. Further changes due to come.
  • Tutorials have been reworded in hopes of being more new-user friendly.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Our lead composer, Oliveriver, has put together a beautiful video about Thrive and it’s history. Come take a look!


  • Nothing Substantial

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