Progress Update 4/24/2021

This week we worked on a new in-game concept art gallery that would appear during loading screens. It will be available in the extras menu too and images will have descriptions telling the lore behind them.

We fixed some issues like a bug where cells still existed long after dying and increased the thickness of scrolling bars to make them easier to click on. We also started working on a new GDD for the multicellular stage and we reached $500 on patreon! We are now closer than ever before to have a part time programmer working on Thrive, thanks to everyone who contributed to our game!


  • New devbuild:
    • Thickened UI scrollbars
    • Fixed a bug where cells appeared on the hover panel long after they died
    • Added a cheat menu (F6) where you can enable some cheats
    • Graphs now adjust the min and max value based on the shown data
    • Refactored the code related to the part selection buttons
    • Updated translations, including improvements to the English text
  • Working on a Concept art Gallery for loading screens


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