Progress Update 6/18/2022

This week we got a lot of smaller programming issues and features done. We also made progress towards the late multicellular prototype and new engulfing mechanics.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Reworked spawn system to have many more cells in the game at once making the game feel less empty and tweaked cloud spawning.
    • Editor button available tutorial now uses the GUI element highlighting to make really sure the player notices the button
    • Species naming is now much more scientifically accurate second part of name is no longer capitalized
    • Added an art gallery where concept art, models and music from the game can be viewed
    • Added a tooltip to the organelle delete option explaining a few cases when it is disabled
    • Fixed toxin clouds visually appearing at 0,0
    • Fixed save writability check not working if saves folder was missing and tweaked save write attempt failure popup dialog
    • Tweaked early multicellular editor font sized
    • Microbe stage random object is now saved
    • Three slight code cleanups for DetachAndFree, FloatingChunk, and editor tooltips
    • Fixed two bugs in previous devbuilds: tutorial keys were shown even with tutorials disabled, and fixed quick save not working after loading a save
  • Visual progress is now being made on the macroscopic editor, with a first look at metaballs in their natural habitat.


  • Our graphics artists are currently hard at work at creating some majestic concept art for the later stages. It’s not ready to show off yet, but fear not, as we still have some neat assets for your viewing pleasure!



  • Nothing Substantial


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  • Nothing Substantial


  • Please welcome our new programmer, alphaman86 to the team!

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