Progress Update 6/13/2020

Today’s highlight is ATP bars. The original idea behind them is that they showed how much ATP each process produced or consumed so the player had a better idea about their cell’s viability and built better organisms. These new ATP bars match that concept and they even allow you to hide individual segments to see what happens when one or more processes are inactive or to compare different builds.

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Devblog #24: And Godot arrived

It’s been only two months since we started the last engine change, and today we are proud to announce our newest release: Thrive 0.5.0!

Yes, it only took us two months to rewrite the whole game in Godot. So what does this new release bring and what’s so good about this new engine? Well Godot is user friendly, has a lot of documentation, an active community and no missing important features. In other words, it makes development on Thrive easier, meaning that with this (hopefully) there won’t be any more engine changes.

But what does this mean for players like you? Better performance and compatibility, with this update those with Intel HD Graphics cards will finally be able to play the game without issue. Even better, as long as we don’t need native code, this and future releases should be compatible with Mac!

And of course, this version runs much smoother and without random crashes, so stop waiting and give 0.5.0 a try!

If you use Mac, download the game directly from here, since the launcher is not Mac compatible.

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Progress Update 5/9/2020

We are getting closer to the next version, in fact the 0.5.0 public beta is already here! You can download it from this thread and test it. Let us know if you find any bugs or have any issues. We also set May the 16th as a provisional release date, there are a few remaining issues to be fixed, but as you can see Thrive 0.5.0 will be ready soon.

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