Progress Update 4/11/2020

We have new concepts for the Planet generator UI, we are trying to figure out how many features and options it should have. In our current concept it has three options: Randomized, Themed and Preset (or Override, we haven’t decided the name yet), each option being less random and allowing the player to either change the settings to their liking or to stick to a given theme, like earth-like planets.

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Devblog #23: Engine change part 2

Another release coming at you, here is Thrive! Wait, why isn’t it 0.4.4? Well that’s because after this release we are going to make some huge changes to the project. We are changing the engine once again, and we hope this time is for good.

While this isn’t a regular release, and certainly it isn’t the biggest one we’ve done, it brings a few new features for you to enjoy. Read on to see what’s new and what have we planned for Thrive’s future…

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Progress Update 3/7/2020

After working on diligent we realized that it would be much harder than expected to make things work, so this week we’ve tried a different approach: changing the engine to Godot. It’s a drastic measure because it would mean rewriting the whole game in a new language but once it’s done players with intel graphics cards should be able to play the game properly. There’s a tech demo available here so please download it and tell us if it runs well for you. Next week there will be a Devblog explaining all these changes.

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