Progress Update 03/25/2023

We’ve had a lot more progress in the prototype stages, as development speeds through each stage to set up the skeleton of Thrive’s complete image. Aside from that however, we unfortunately don’t have much else to show off this week.


  • New DevBuild for our patrons:
    • Added the beginning of a society stage prototype: placing and constructing a society center is now possible. Founding a settlement doesn’t yet move to the next prototype stage.
    • Microbes now spawn with initial compounds that are proportional to their compound usage (instead of fixed values)
    • All chemoreceptors in a cell colony now function instead of only the lead cell’s chemoreceptors working
    • Most HUD messages are now immediately faded away when returning from the editor
    • Microbe movement tutorial now has extra smoothing in how the movement direction prompts rotate
    • Fixed compression artifacts in panorama backgrounds for multicellular
    • Entering the prototypes is now prevented with a controller as the prototypes don’t have any focus on controller usability
    • Improved our code settings class to prevent some potential mistakes
    • Removed some old files and fixed a broken link in the repo docs
    • Updated translations
  • Progress continues in the awakening prototype; Now with the construction of a society center, and jumping!


  • Nothing Substantial



  • Nothing Substantial



  • Nothing Substantial


  • Please welcome our newest programmer, Ottoblep!

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