Progress Update 10/31/2020

We made a change to cell walls. Now they don’t allow engulfing, which is to be expected since they are hard rigid structures that cover cells completely. We added this change to a new dev Build so, if you support us on Patreon, you can try it and tell us what you think about this new feature.

In addition to that, we also made some changes to saving and kept discussing about protein unlocking and how binding agents would work.


  • New BOTD featuring, among other things
    • Cell walls now prevent engulfing
    • Quick load now doesn’t load saves made in other game versions
    • Broken save files no longer break the load game menu
    • Fixed typo in bioluminescent organelle name
    • Auto-evo is now started after auto save
    • Source code is now included in the game builds
    • New input system to make future things easier
  • Cells now only absorb useful compounds
  • Added a warning for when starting the game in GLES2 mode
  • Added an option to change the saves’ username
  • Saving text now fades out
  • Prevented quickloading while another quickload is in progress as this crashed the game
  • Loading incompatible saves now prints a log message
  • Added an option to turn off auto-evo during gameplay
  • Auto-evo now doesn’t start before auto-save


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  • Welcome to the team Lev!