Progress Update 4/18/2020

More progress on Godot. This time we’ve finally merged the godot branch to master in GitHub, meaning that we are closer to the 0.5.0 release! With this change, new issues have been opened so if you want to contribute to the project and don’t know what to do, this list may help you.

Another thing we’ve worked on is particle effects. Godot has a good and relatively easy to use particle engine, so we made a few particle effects, very necessary to give an underwater vibe to the game. We have more concepts for the Planet editor too, this time focusing on how solar systems would be built and also how the game could adjust the habitable zone to any changes the player makes, from just moving the planet closer to the sun to change the planet’s atmosphere until it’s habitable.

Finally, there’s a new dev build available for Hh’s patrons too! Check it out if you haven’t already.


  • Progress on the Godot conversion
  • Fixed the background lighting


  • Testing particle effects
  • Concepts for the planet editor

See the full image here


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