Progress Update 9/4/2021

This week we have been busy viciously hunting down any bug we find in our continuous efforts in keeping Thrive clean and healthy. But that’s not all we have been up to; We have recently been playing around with turning physics in hopes of providing more engaging gameplay overall.

We would also like to remind everyone that this upcoming week is the last week of our donation campaign, where donators who contribute at least 20€ (23.60$) will have their name included in our game credits in the future, if they so wish. The campaign will end on the 11th (Eastern European Time).
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  • New Devbuilds for our patrons:
    • Updated to Godot 3.3.3
    • Mouse hover panel now updates even while paused
    • Graphs with nothing to show now show a text saying they have nothing to display
    • Fixed movement with arrow keys not working
    • Now the selected language in the options shows how complete it is
    • Fixed problem with hover hexes in editor sometimes permanently becoming gray
    • Added options in the options menu to control the number of worker threads
    • “@” in the process displays is now translatable
    • The current patch is now properly saved so that saves made in the editor where the player moved to a different patch work correctly
    • Fixed player duplicate cheat not working after exiting the editor
    • CI build improvements – Removed some outdated TODO comments
    • Updated translations
  • hhyyrylainen has begun to implement the in-game credits.


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Discussed microbe turning physics and speed.


  • Oliveriver is looking to make some new Thrivetracks sometime in the near future, so keep your ears open for them!


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial


  • Nothing Substantial

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